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Join Direct Digital Holdings and Colossus SSP at Cannes 2024 Book Meeting



Join Direct Digital Holdings and Colossus SSP at Cannes 2024

Join Direct Digital Holdings and Colossus SSP at the MediaLink Beach on the Croisette. Our leadership team will be in Cannes for meetings Sunday night through Thursday.

DDH at Cannes 2024


Monday 17 June -
Thursday 20 June, 2024


8:30 - 18:00 CEST


MediaLink Beach
Cannes, France

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We believe that digital advertising should be built for everyone. Pioneering a dynamic and inclusive approach to digital marketing, Direct Digital Holdings connects the world’s most innovative companies to cutting-edge technology within digital advertising.

We develop solutions for everyone - brands of all sizes, from small-medium and middle-market to the Fortune 500, using advanced technology solutions, tailored digital strategy, and diverse publisher relationships, powering over 400 billion impressions monthly.

We look forward to meeting with industry partners at Cannes to discuss improving multicultural investment strategies and connecting with unique growth audiences to drive incremental revenue. 

Mark Walker

Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Direct Digital Holdings

Keith Smith

Co-Founder and President, Direct Digital Holdings

Maria Vilchez Lowrey

Chief Growth Officer, Direct Digital Holdings

Anu Pillai

Chief Technology Officer, Direct Digital Holdings

Lashawnda Goffin

CEO, Colossus SSP

Barbara Burnett

Head of Buyer Development, Colossus SSP

Jennifer Shanesy

Head of Publisher Development, Colossus SSP


Panel in the Equality Lounge® - Working the Room: Cultivating Connections

Networking is crucial to professional and personal development—though it comes easier for some than others. What better place to master the art of connections than here at Cannes? Join this panel of expert networkers as they talk about the importance of embracing community and opportunity.

Monday, June 17th, 1-1:30pm CEST / 13:00-13:30

Hosted By: 
The Female Quotient

Michelle Stevenson, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Milken Institute

Sheryl Goldstein, EVP, Chief Industry Growth Officer, IAB
Suzanne Strasser Grant, EVP, Head, Global Agency and Strategic Partnerships, MiQ
Adia Matthews, Vice President, Hulu Partnership Marketing, Hulu/The Walt Disney Company
Maria Lowrey, Chief Growth Officer, Direct Digital Holdings
Maureen Murphy, Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal
Jia Hyun, VP, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn


Panel in the Equality Lounge® - How Do Men Do It All? And Other Top Questions Men Don’t Typically Get Asked.

Our daily 'Manel' invites male executives to the stage to touch upon topics they’re rarely asked about. Women are often asked, “How do you do it all?” The balancing act of work and personal life is a universal challenge, yet often associated with women’s experiences. Join this panel discussion as male leaders speak openly about the complexities of work-life balance and how they prioritize career growth and family matters.

Monday, June 17th, 4-4:30pm CEST / 16:00-16:30

Hosted by:
The Female Quotient

Jameson Fleming, Executive Editor, Adweek
Leonid Sudakov, President Growth, Digital and Platforms, MarsPetcare, Mars
Taylor Ashy, Senior Vice President, Morning Consult
Mark Walker, CEO and Co-Founder, Direct Digital Holdings
Matthew Lieberman, Chief Marketing Officer, PwC



Panel in the Equality Lounge® - Will the Cookie Really Crumble? Top Women in Ad Tech Share Their Views

Google has kicked the “cookie” can down the road yet again, postponing the deprecation of cookies for a third time to 2025. Will cookies really go away? Whether they do or they don’t, what are the impacts to privacy? The Female Quotient and Direct Digital Holdings will host a panel conversation diving deep into the privacy implications of the pending cookie transformation and explore how it can be a catalyst for a more equitable and transparent advertising ecosystem.

Tuesday, June 18th, 9:30-10:00am CEST

Hosted by:
The Female Quotient

Scott Thomson, Founding Partner, Futureproof-TMT (Moderator)
Anu Pillai, Chief Technology Officer, Direct Digital Holdings
Courtney Glaze, SVP, Revenue Operations, Vox Media
Ashwini Karandikar, EVP, Media, Technolgy, and Data, 4A's
Kristin Wnuk, SVP, Sales, Madhive


Panel in the Equality Lounge® - STEMinists: Women at the Center of Shaping the Future

In a rapidly evolving digital world, careers in STEM are crucial for creating a technological future that is secure, accessible, and inclusive. However, recent research shows that women only hold 35% of STEM jobs in the U.S., and this gap only widens globally. Join us as we speak with today’s STEM leaders to identify key steps to hiring more women in STEM, what we can do to ensure their professional growth, and celebrate the work women are already doing to change this landscape.

Wednesday, June 19th, 1:00-1:30pm CEST / 13:00-13:30

Hosted by:
The Female Quotient

Tonie Leatherberry, Board Director, Direct Digital Holdings
Marion Hargett, VP, Business Development, Agency, The Trade Desk
Julia White, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP
Allyson Hugley, Global Senior Director, Customer Insights, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
Tia White, GM, Marketing Intelligence (AI/ML), Amazon Web Services
Joanne Bradford, Advisor, The Female Quotient

Navigating the New Frontier: Shaping an Unbiased Future with Generative AI

In the quest for inclusivity, the integration of Generative AI poses challenges in maintaining unbiased content. In this session we will discuss how we can mitigate these biases and examine the future possibilities and implications of generative AI, and how we can shape the impartial technology essential for our future.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2:00-2:30pm CEST / 14:00-14:30

Hosted by Microsoft

MJ DePalma – Head of Inclusive Business Impact, Microsoft Advertising

Ashley Banks – SVP Revenue, Group Black
Chrissie Hanson – CEO, OMD USA
James Thomas – Global CTO, Dentsu Creative
Mark Walker -- CEO, Direct Digital Holdings

What Does The Ad Industry Really Owe Diverse-Owned Media?

Amid the social justice reckonings of 2020, brands and agencies made sweeping declarations about their commitments to supporting media and companies owned by members of historically underrepresented groups. Many of these commitments have famously gone unfulfilled, in part because the publishers and companies they were intended to support could not handle the logistical load or complicated ad tech required to handle large campaigns. Meanwhile, programmatic advertising platforms’ attempts to cater to diverse-owned media have come up short, with publishers failing to see substantial return on these complex tech integrations.

How does the ad industry really fulfill the promises they made in 2020 – in a way that’s actually meaningful to diverse-owned publishers, brands, and their audiences, and translates to real revenue? You’ll hear from a panel of leaders committed to bringing equity to creativity, media and purpose-driven investment to the ecosystem.

Wednesday, June 19th, 4:30-5:15pm CEST / 16:30-17:15

Hosted by:

Laurel Rossi, CMO/CRO, Infillion

Cavel Khan, Chief Growth Officer at Group Black
Kimberly Jones, CEO at Butler Till
Lori Goode, CMO at Index Exchange
Mark Walker, CEO at Direct Digital Holdings
Sheila Marmon, CEO at Mirror Digital






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