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We help thousands of advertisers of all sizes reach various audiences across 20K+ media properties within the U.S. We are a critical component to every media plan for advertisers and marketers.


Direct Digital Holdings was born out of a need for a fair, diverse, and equitable digital advertising supply chain

Direct Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: DRCT), owner of operating companies Colossus SSP, Huddled Masses, and Orange 142, brings state-of-the-art sell-and buy-side platforms together under one umbrella company.


Serving underserved markets

Helping SMB brands enter the digital advertising sphere, supported by multiple digital enablement services, ranging from personalized plans and fee structures to strategies that meet their unique business needs. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion matters

As a top-performing diverse-owned supplier, we play a crucial role in helping brands, agencies, and consultancy partners achieve their social diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives while staying within their budget.



The Direct Digital Holdings Story

Direct Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: DRCT), owner of operating companies Colossus SSP, Huddled Masses, and Orange 142, brings state-of-the-art sell- and buy-side advertising platforms together under one umbrella company.


Direct Digital Holdings Fast Facts

Founder-led, technology platform that assists companies buy and sell media to deliver ROI

Exceeding the demands of the underserved middle market and penetrating multicultural audiences

Profitable, publicly-traded company well-positioned to capitalize on the rapidly evolving digital advertising market

Accelerated organic growth and operational playbook going forward

Top performing diverse-owned supplier helping brands, agencies, and consultancy partners reach their social DEI objectives and budget commitments across our media and advertising technology platforms

Ninth black-owned company to go public in the U.S.



Over a decade of ad tech innovation

Our journey and track record of industry innovation to further deliver on creating a more fair, diverse, and equitable digital advertising supply chain.



Huddled Masses is founded in 2012. 



Orange 142 founded and headquartered in Austin, one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country.



Colossus SSP founded to provide a diverse marketplace for brands.



Direct Digital Holdings was formed through the acquisitions of Huddled Masses and Colossus SSP.



Huddled Masses and Colossus SSP continue to add new customers and publishers.



Acquired Orange 142 in an effort to expand the buy side platform offerings.



Direct Digital Holdings goes public after organic growth of +134% over 2021.



Expected to grow 35% over 2021, delivering $120 million in revenue. 


Why Invest in Direct Digital Holdings?

Digital advertising is a growth sector, expected to reach $376 billion by 2027. Direct Digital Holdings has long recognized the role that digital advertising plays in the economy.



A Highly Viable Company

We're a publicly traded company not VC backed with strong governance and full transparency. Our focus is on growth, efficiency, and insights for our clients and brand companies.


A Diverse Workforce 

Direct Digital Holdings is the 9th black-owned company that went public in the US. We prioritize diversity and have a diverse workforce with 64% women and 40% multicultural employees. Our DNA gives us a unique understanding of the market.


Hockey Stick Growth

We launched a new company and went public in just seven years. Our growth rate is currently 43% year-over-year and we expect it to continue to our unique ability to reach audiences brands want to target at scale. All our brands prioritize growth, efficiency, and insights.


Efficiently Run

We drive efficiency through our people, processes and technology.  Our employees generate $1.2M in revenue each, 4x higher than the average company. We optimize our tech stack and establish direct relationships with publishers to avoid high fees. We support all DSPs, making it easy for all clients to use our buy-side platform.

Direct Digital Holdings Leadership Team

Led veterans in the cross section of digital technologies and advertising, Direct Digital Holdings brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a bold vision to the table, helping out clients seize opportunities in an increasingly digital-first world.