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Digital advertising
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Direct Digital Holdings is a fast growing, efficiency-focused solutions provider in the digital marketing and advertising sector.  We are a family of brands serving direct advertisers, agencies, publishers, and marketers.



Direct Digital Holdings Platform





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Enable the Ad Tech Ecosystem 

Everything we do is enabled through technology. Our supply-side platform (SSP) and buy-side platforms (BSP) allow us to connect publishers and advertisers in real-time. We can match the right ad with the right audience. Digital advertising built for everyone.


Pledge of Commitment

We are committed to growing your business through efficiency and insights.


We help thousands of advertisers of all sizes reach various audiences across 20K+ media properties within the U.S. We are a critical component to every media plan for advertisers and marketers.

Reach general audiences at a scale needed to grow their business.

Engage with multicultural audiences, consumers respond better to brands that support and speak to their communities.

Reach micro-niche audiences, such as influencers, to help them create brand buzz and drive brand awareness.

Work with partners. We can work with you to become a marketing extension of your team.

Drive ROI. We are performance-driven, focusing on highly specific metrics that are relevant to your goals. 



Efficiency in digital advertising goes beyond traditional means. It means creating efficiencies along the entire advertising value chain including a trustworthy and profitable ecosystem that serves the needs of brands, publishers, and consumers alike. 

Supply efficiency. We have direct relationships with publishers that participate in our SSP so that buyers pay for fewer hops.

Consumer efficiency. We support all existing and emerging consumer data privacy and protection regulations and are advocates for it, as we see it as essential for long-term stability.

Environmental sustainability. We are serious about our sustainability strategy and climate action plan. We have begun conducting our company's enterprise-level GHG emissions inventory for FY 2022. We are committed to helping our clients reach their sustainability goals.


The true opportunities of programmatic lies in the insights, which is why DDH is hyper-focused on generating unique insights for our clients.

Data-Driven Intelligence: Programmatic campaigns generate valuable data that provides insights into who interacts with your ads, which channels and creatives perform best, and how to optimize campaign performance behavior.

Operational Intelligence: Operational intelligence helps digital advertisers optimize campaigns faster, personalize ads more effectively, and increase revenue by identifying and addressing performance issues in near real-time.

Actionable insights. We use data analytics to help media buyers and marketers better understand their target audience, make data-driven decisions, and improve ad placements for higher ROI and relevance. We also assist publishers in identifying the best advertisers for their audiences.



Why work with Direct Digital Holdings? 

We are a fast-growing advertising and marketing technology platform that helps businesses of various sizes, from middle-market companies to Fortune 500, with custom digital strategies to connect with their target audiences effectively.


Connect with Target Markets

We are a top advertising and marketing technology company helping businesses of all sizes - from middle market-companies to Fortune 500.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are the 9th Black-owned company to go public in the United States. We are a critical component of every plan.


Decades of Industry Experience

Our businesses and employees span the entire advertising and marketing lifecycle. We bring that experience into every engagement.


Technology Agnostic Approach

We are technology agnostic, which means advertisers and agencies can leverage their existing technology to work with us.


Programmatic Technology Stack

We help growing brands, agencies, and publishers participate and thrive in the programmatic space.


Helping U.S. Businesses Grow

We serve the backbone of the U.S. economy: the middle market. We help growing brands, agencies, and publishers participate and thrive in the programmatic space.

We give advertisers of all sizes unparalleled reach within general market and multicultural media properties.


Discover why Direct Digital Holdings  is the right choice for you


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