Cracking the Code: How Multicultural & Gen Z Reshape Mainstream Marketing Webinar Video

Direct Digital Holdings has released its second whitepaper revealing:

  • 81% of Gen Zers say multicultural/diverse communities greatly shape brand preferences

  • Mainstream tipping point has arrived as multicultural/diverse consumers drive brand choices for 57% of the general population


In collaboration with Horowitz Research, Direct Digital Holdings commissioned a survey of over 2,300 U.S. consumers to delve into the impact of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin, AAPI, and LGBTQIA+ consumers' brand perceptions and purchase behaviors on the general population, with a specific focus on Gen Z.

This comprehensive report features both quantitative and qualitative exclusive research findings complemented by insights from industry leaders and academics. It also showcases the importance of prioritizing outreach to multicultural and diverse consumers, as opposed to adopting a siloed approach, for brands and agencies to reach Gen Z.


57% of all consumers say that multicultural people have a big influence on their brand preferences and choices 

81% of Gen Z said that diverse voices have either some or a large amount of influence on them when making decisions 

Across all major categories – food/restaurants, fashion, technology, and more –multicultural/diverse communities show significant influence on the brand choices of all consumers. That impact was dramatically higher among Gen Z. 

Findings should be viewed as a seismic shift for brands – making it a core imperative for advertisers to connect with multicultural and diverse consumers intentionally and authentically through marketing and media to promote broader sales. 

Understanding how to connect with this generation is crucial for shaping brand choices today and driving strong revenue in years to come. This research uncovers major influences on Gen Z, as well as the broader mainstream audience.

Cracking the Code: How Multicultural & Gen Z Reshape Mainstream Marketing